Joshua D. Bocarsly
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Houston
Portrait of Josh Bocarsly

My research focuses on discovering, characterizing, and controlling advanced inorganic materials. I'm especially interested in energy and quantum applications, including battery materials, quantum materials, and energy conversion materials.

During my postdoc, I worked on developing in situ electrochemical methods to gain a new understanding of the structure and magnetism of high-performance battery cathodes at the University of Cambridge. I co-developed a web-based system for managing interconnected experimental data, the open-source datalab platform.

During my Ph.D., I worked on understanding intermetallic magnets, with a special focus on magnetic phase transitions, skyrmions, and magnetocalorics for efficient refrigeration near room temperature. Check out the UCSB Magnetic Database for an interactive summary of the properties of the intermetallic magnets we studied!

Education and training
University of Cambridge (2020-2023) UC Santa Barbara (2015-2020) Princeton University (2011-2015)
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  4. Appeared:
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